SleepMode’s Sleep Sprays have been developed using extensive research and testing. Our Sleep Sprays are proven to help you fall asleep faster by allowing you to change brainwave activity.

Using a combination of specially formulated scents and fMRI brain imaging, the Sleep Sprays were developed  to allow you to gently relax and prepare for sleep by changing brainwave activity. This allows you to slowly drift off into deeper sleep and enter REM sleep faster.

Designed in close collaboration with neuroscientists and sleep specialists, our blend of fragrances merge both natural and synthetic essences, with the result being far more effective than traditional aromatherapy alone.


Our Sleep Sprays help you fall asleep faster by modulating brainwave activity. Brain waves are an effective measure of the level of consciousness and activity and correspond with the electrical activity of the brain.

 With modern lifestyles and constant exposure to stress from work or school and late-night use of devices like phones, tablets, computers, and TV that emit blue light, one particular type of brainwave, known as Beta waves, is associated with activity and focus starts to dominate. The result? We stay awake longer, get less sleep and find it difficult to fall asleep, even when already in bed.

SleepMode sleep sprays work by gradually altering this brainwave activity.


When sprayed on linen, pillows or even your pyjamas, it releases a complex


blend of fragrances that gradually modulate the olfactory receptors in the


nose that connect to the brain. This triggers a change in brainwave activity


that allows you to unwind and relax deeply, switching to an alpha wave


dominant brainwave state, slowly drifting off into deep sleep.


Our sprays are non-medicated, non-habit forming and hypo allergenic, making them safe for everyday use.

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