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About Us

Poor sleep  is increasingly being linked to a number of health issues, including chronic fatigue, obesity, migraines and reduced immunity, 

That's why at SleepMode, we set out to find an effective solution.

Developed in close collaboration with neuroscientists and sleep specialists, we developed a groundbreaking new system to help you get the sleep you deserve.

Our sleep sprays are scientifically designed and rigorously tested and proven to help you fall asleep faster, sleep longer and wake up refreshed.

The Science

Our Sleep Sprays help you fall asleep faster by modulating brainwave activity.

Brainwaves are an effective measure of the level of consciousness and activity and correspond with the electrical activity of the brain.

Using a combination of specially formulated scents and tested using fMRI brain imaging, our sleep sprays allow you to gently relax and prepare for sleep by changing brainwave activity.

This allows you to slowly drift off into deeper sleep and enter REM sleep faster.

When sprayed on linen, pillows or even your pyjamas, it releases a composition of specially formulated scents to gradually alter your brainwaves, helping you gently drift into deep sleep.

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