- About The Brand -


Our Mission


SleepMode fights chronic tiredness by offering a range of scientifically-backed sleeping aids. We aim to promote restful nights for our users and reduce the stress, fatigue, and health problems that are perpetuated by lack of sleep. As part of our commitment to eliminating chronic tiredness, SleepMode will continue to devote research towards products and techniques that increase restfulness for our users. We will continue to produce science-backed products that create a happier, healthier, and more well-rested world! 


The SleepMode Promise


At SleepMode, we provide research-backed sleep solutions to those suffering from a lack of quality sleep. All our offerings are backed by scientific evidence to aid sleep and bring improvements to the mood, health, and alertness of those who use our products. If you see a product released at SleepMode, you can relax knowing that the product has passed our strict testing process for safety and effectiveness.

Why choose Sleepmode?


At SleepMode, we’re committed to bringing our customers the latest developments in science-backed sleep aids. We consider each products’ effectiveness, ease of use, and safety before bringing it to market for our customers. We only offer the best of the best when it comes to sleep aids, because we truly care about the sleep epidemic and want to contribute towards the fight against chronic issues of sleeplessness.

By choosing SleepMode, you’re gaining support from a team that will help you in your journey towards more restful nights. Our range of effective sleep aids are developed based on a gauntlet of preliminary research, brain scan tests, and field studies before ever reaching your door. Our mission is to help you fight against poor amounts and quality of sleep by creating effective sleep aids, and we take that promise seriously!